We encourage young people to talk to their social workers before they join our My First Place program to ensure they are making the right choice for their goals and needs. Please read on for information that can help you when having discussions with clients about First Place for Youth and other options.

What youth should know about First Place for Youth:

  • At First Place for Youth we believe that all foster youth have the potential to succeed, and we have high expectations for the young people who enroll in our program. However, we know that young people come to us with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skill-levels, and we will meet them where they are and work with them to set individually appropriate goals and plans. 
  • My First Place requires commitment and active engagement from participants. We expect youth to meet regularly with their My First Place team, to continue pursuing their identified academic and/or career goals, and to abide by the rules of our program and the terms of their lease.
  • In general, My First Place participants live in shared, scattered-site apartments with no on-site supervisory staff. First Place staff will work with participants on building conflict-resolution skills, establishing boundaries and “house rules,” and understanding how to be a good roommate and good tenant.
  • My First Place is open to ages 18-24 (THP-FC and THP+), except in Santa Clara County where we only have a THP-FC contract and are limited to serving youth 18-20.


First Place for Youth is an innovative and entrepreneurial non-profit organization that is growing rapidly. Our programs proactively challenge the trends among former foster youth by building self-esteem and self-reliance, and forging the skills necessary for successful independent living.

We are always on the look out for dedicated, mission driven professionals to join our team. To learn more about working at First Place and to browse current employment opportunities, visit our careers page at


At First Place for Youth, we envision a future where the disparities between foster youth and their peers have been eliminated. But we also know that making this a reality is too big a job for any one organization.

We have evidence that the My First Place program is effective in helping young people create brighter, more successful futures for themselves. Now, we are actively seeking to partner with other organizations interested in implementing the MFP model in their local communities.

If you would like information becoming a member of the MFP Affiliate Network, please complete the interest form available at

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